“Come closer,” the voice whispers. “Just a little bit closer, boy.”

Only it’s not a voice, not a real one, at least. It’s more like a tickle. The tickle of a million granddaddy long-legs crawling through the cave of his mind, startled by the beam of a flashlight. God, he hates spiders! They’re disgusting little creatures, with their spindly legs and their bizarrely shaped bodies, insidiously hiding in their sticky webs. And they bite!

“I don’t bite,” says the voice that isn’t a voice. “Houses don’t bite. It’s anatomically impossible.”

And that might be true. But there are quite a few things he had considered impossible, just a little while ago. Millions of little spiders living in his mind, for example. And talking houses.

He takes a deep breath. Deep breaths usually help, don’t they? They are something like a magic wand for everyday people. You feel like screaming at the asshole who just cut in line right in front of you? Take a deep breath! You just broke up with the girl you love more than anything, because drunk you thought he couldn’t handle the fact that there will soon be an ocean, a continent, and nine time zones between you? Take a deep breath! You got lost inside a gargantuan dark cave? With nothing but a flashlight that attracts millions of disgusting little spiders? And you feel like the only way out might be admitting that you’ve actually lost your mind? Just take a fucking deep breath!

“It’s all going to be okay, boy,” the voice that isn’t a voice whispers. “Just come a little bit closer.”

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Albtraumfänger, Chapter 1