The Bronx – Portrait of a Borough

The Bronx is one of the poorest Congressional Districts in the United States. In no other county of the 62 in the state of New York is the unemployment rate as high, and the average income as low, as in New York City’s fourth-largest borough.

Ismael Betancourt Jr. who received his B.S. from Columbia University, his MBA from Harvard University Graduate School of Business and his MA in Political Science from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, founded the Bronx Transformation Project last year. Its goal is to facilitate cooperation, trade, integration and development among and between the different cultural communities in and beyond the borders of Bronx.

For his documentary, “The Bronx“, IPS correspondent Christian Papesch visited Betancourt, his borough and its people. He met a teacher from Puerto Rico, an imam from West Africa and the Catholic editor of an Islamic newspaper. And he portrays a district that is multicultural, self-confident and far from being as pessimistic as its statistics may suggest.