Happiness on Horseback in Ritoque

“Happiness is seeing the world from horseback,” as a German saying goes. For anyone who wants to discover the joy of Chile, Ritoque, a district of the city of Quintero, would be a good place to go riding.

Sebastian Lara, owner of Ritoque Expediciones, offers horseback riding tours through the dunes, the woods, and the beach of Ritoque, which is less than 30 minutes away from Viña del Mar in a micro bus. The tours are half day, full day, or during the night and sometimes also include a barbeque. The tours are guided and riding skills are not necessary.

For today, you can stay on your couch as we take you on a multimedia horseback riding tour. Enjoy a ride through the dunes, the woods, and the beach of Ritqoue – and listen to the experience of some Americans who participated.

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Ruta Del Vino: Vineyard Tours in Casablanca

Chile is famous for wines. The region of Casablanca is about 30 minutes southeast of Valparaíso and 50 minutes northwest of Santiago, if you are travelling by car. It is known for its white grapes; especially for Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Several wineries offer tastings for visitors, often including a tour through their impressively large vineyards and facilities.

Follow Eye on Viña on a multimedia tour through the “Ruta del Vino en Casablanca” and get to know William Cole and Veramonte, two of the best wineries of the region.

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Mac Shop in Viña repairs for cheap

Foreigners greatly rely on their computers. They need them to communicate with their families and friends back home, to read about the latest news online, or to administrate their bank accounts. And foreigners in particular are in a difficult situation when their computer breaks and they do not know how to fix it themselves. And the situation is even worse when they own a Mac, as they are not very common in Chile and not all of the stores that offer technical support are reliable.

Hector Molina offers repairs on almost all Mac products. Photo Credit: Christian Papesch