Dreams of Leaving the Boring Grey

Dust raises as Buyi and his friends run across the sandlot whose ends are marked by two old and rusty goals. It is a hot day. The sky is clear and blue. The boys run after an old football. Its former clear white color has turned into a trist and boring grey. The black and yellow rings that cover it – and almost seemed to be glowing when it was new – are now only hardly recognizable. Actually it is nothing more than small, hexagonal pieces of leather that has been sewed together and filled with air. But for the boys from Benoni, a poor suburb of Johannesburg, it is much more. For them this grey, old ball seems to be filled up with all their hopes and dreams for a better life. It seems to represent the oportunity to enter the world of the rich and the famous and to leave all their worries behind. Christian Papesch asked the Soccer Boys from Benoni about football, the World Cup and their dreams and wishes for the future.

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Asamoah’s Wish: Germany to meet Ghana again

For Gerald Asamoah, former forward of the German National team, the match Germany against Ghana at Soccer City was a special one. Born in Mampong/Ghana the soccer player moved to Germany at the age of 12, but still feels connected to his home country. This World Cup is the first one for him as a spectator, after playing five years for the German national team. African Goals 2010 met Asamoah just after the match during his TV appearance in the German ARD Morgenmagazin in Johannesburg.

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Where the Streets have no Game

Hundreds of thousands of visitors have flocked to South Africa for the 2010 Football World Cup. Many locals and visitors have bought tickets to watch the games in the stadiums. Others have been gathering in pubs and public parks to watch on giant televisions. But for some South Africans the World Cup seems to take place in a whole different world. In a world whose admission fees are not affordable for them. Christian Papesch watched a World Cup match in a shantytown and experienced disparity, misery – and strong exaltation.